Who We Are

The Textron Aviation Employees' Flying Club was formed on July 1, 2014 with the merger of the Cessna Employees' Flying Club and Beechcraft Employees' Flying Club. Both clubs have a long and distinguished history as two of the world's oldest flying clubs.

Pride in the product one builds can best be expressed by using that product. With this thought in mind, on July 11, 1941 Beechcraft employees formed the Beechcraft Employees' Flying club and on June 19, 1946, Cessna employees formed the Cessna Employees' Flying Club. Today, hundreds of active members enjoy the considerable benefit of economical flying, high quality instruction, and aircraft maintained in an excellent state. The staff of the TAEFC constantly strive to serve the members in achieving each of their individual flying goals.


Textron Aviation employees, retirees, and their immediate family members are eligible to be members of the TAEFC. An employee member must be an employee of Textron Aviation or its parent, division, or subsidiary.

Immediate members of a Textron Aviation employee's or retiree's family are eligible for family membership, as long as the Textron Aviation employee or retiree is (and remains) an active TAEFC member in good standing.

Family members who are eligible to join are limited to: spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, grandson and granddaughter.

Family members of non-members or inactive TAEFC members are not eligible for family membership. The root member (Textron Aviation employee or retiree) is financially responsible for the charges incurred by their family members (i.e., the root member is responsible in case of non-payment of a family members account).

Family members and retirees are not entitled to hold TAEFC office, serve on the Board of Directors, or vote on TAEFC business. Proof of family relationship shall be established to the satisfaction of the Club Manager.